Agni Pankh

The protagonist is an IAF fighter pilot and womaniser named Siddhart. His rival and colleague is another fighter pilot namedSameer. The other pivotal character is Rahul Dev who is their superior officer. Nupur (Divya Dutta) is Vishal’s newly married wife.Anjana is a tomboyish female combat chopper pilot who is secretly in love with Sameer. Surbhi is a wealthy socialite who loathes flying but falls for Siddharth. However, Sameer falls for Surbhi while being unaware of Anjana’s love for him.

The soap opera motif is quickly dispensed with when Pakistani forces led by their military dictator invade Kashmir, sparking off theKargil War and resulting in the Indian Air Force being deployed. Some of the pilots die while others are captured by the enemy. Siddharth and Sameer become POW‘s in enemy territory During an Aerial attack on a Pakistan Army Fuel Depot. While they are held in a POW camp they meet other POW’s from the Previous Indo Pakistan Wars. During a Prison Breakout both Sameer and Siddharth manage to steal Important documents detailing Pakistan’s Military Offensive plans. During their Breakout They meet Vishal, who was presumed dead, but was, in fact, hiding from enemy soldiers. They escape imprisonment and head towards India through the jungle with Pakistani Rangers chasing them for the kill.

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