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Valley Frames Productions Line Producers in Kashmir is a line production company in Kashmir. We provide film makers a complete line production services in Kashmir. We are a multi-dimensional Line Production Company for feature films, documentaries, TV commercials, web series, Print shoots and Music Video projects that represents the Kashmir you were looking for. Based in the paradise valley, Kashmir, we specialize in film production, making of documentary films, ad films, line production and all you were looking for.

Filming in Kashmir can be an interesting and an easy affair when coordinated and executed in tandem with a dynamic team of individuals. At Valley Frames Productions, we aspire to fulfill your film production requirements so that you can execute your vision to the fullest.

As your production partners, we offer professional, cost effective solutions and timely delivery of production services. This enables your film making process to be supported by a well-planned and budgeted schedule, allowing the project to progress ahead effortlessly. Moreover, our proficiency and capabilities are not just bound to Kashmir alone. Since the company’s inception in 2012, we have had the privilege to work with renowned clients on celebrated projects globally.

From Location Scouting through mystic Kashmir, Set Construction and Casting to the essential Filming Permits and Post Production of the project, we are well equipped to handle your diverse requirements. We can arrange for the finest crew, modern equipment and reliable technology involved through the film making process. Collaborating on diverse regional, national and international projects, Valley Frames Productions understands the brief clearly and offers streamlined solutions. When clients open the windows to imagination, we strive to deliver so that you can achieve the set milestones.

Let our team handle your current project. Just inform us about your production and we will get back to you right away. We can not only scout the finest and most fitting locations for you but also make your visit memorable.

We ensure and trust that Valley Frames Productions will provide prompt and pleasurable experience to your brand.


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